Meet Me

All this blog-thing started as a side project where I used to take refuge and trying to inspire people to develop and find their own style and be unique.

After few months of the blogosphere, my blog evolved and I became convinced that this is a journey I want to continue.

I love learning to do new things and I like to believe I can do it all, so you will see new things added to this blog in time, as my inspiration continue to expand. Let’s say this is the place where I can express myself in the way I like the most.

Of course, there are things to say about me… For example that, one day I took the decision to fly 9171.33 Km and move to Canada (more exactly in Vancouver) and try a new life in a new country, which I am crazy in love with.

Another one is that even I like a bit of pink in my outfits sometimes, I’m not a “la vie en rose” dreamer. I’m a firm believer that life is all about having courage to see the goods and bads around you.

I hope you will enjoy the stories you will find here, even if they are expressed in writing, by a drawing or by a simple photo.