Choose to be HAPPY!

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There are lots of people having all the reasons to be happy, but they are still not. They have the loved ones beside, their career is going well and they are healthy, but still not happy…

Sometimes, to be happy, it doesn’t mean to fight to obtain it. It means to stop thinking to those negative thoughts which block your way to happiness.

Maybe it doesn’t sound logical, but did you ever try to pay attention to those things you thought are not significant to bother for?


1. Stop the need for control
Try stopping to control everything around you. Let the things flow and avoid planning excessively. Even though you are used to plan your vacations, try at least once to pick a holiday destination in the last minute or just go for a week-end trip with no plan. Discover the places on the spot, without planning anything.

2. Stop taking the guilt
“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.” – “Power of Now”, Eckhart Tole.
No one is perfect, and the mistakes are part of our life. It’s important to not take the guilt if you don’t reach the result you aim. Learn to take everything easier. Analyze why you didn’t manage to succeed, and try to avoid repeating the mistake. Don’t let an unsuccessful result to stop you from making your dream come true.

3. Stop whining
How many time did you say “I can’t do this” before even trying? It’s almost impossible to do everything perfect from the first time, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Don’t let yourself down after the first fail. When you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean you lost everything. For sure, there are lots of good things around. Sometimes, it’s good to write them down just to make ourselves feeling great.
One great tip: “the words are sometimes the solutions for many situations”.

4. Stop criticizing
I don’t think it will make you feeling better if you will criticize the events and the people which are different from you. Live and let the others love and enjoy what they have and maybe one day you will share great moments with them.

5. Stop impressing the others
Many times I wore clothes I didn’t feel quite comfortable in. They were either not my style, or not matching my mood, but I was wearing them to impress the people I was going out with. There are many mistakes which we’re doing just to impress. But, in fact, the important part is to be “us” in every situation.

6. Stop the fear
Choose to be Happy and forget about all the fears you have. The fear is just an illusion, it doesn’t exist. We are the ones creating the fear and amplify it. Take care of your inner part and the outside will be fearless.

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