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I can talk about fashion 10 hours a day, weekdays, weekends, anytime and anywhere. I don’t believe in resolutions and I have a weird way of classifying clothes (my logic – give away the clothes you cannot fit in any longer, even though a thought in the back of your head says to keep a diet just for the sake of those Acne pants).

I am a promoter of the personal and original style, whatever that will be (either you are a fashionista or the sweatpants are your life), but I have a top of no-no’s. This is neither a top of style resolutions nor a chapter from a motivational book on how to dress for success. I know fashion is a cruel world and full of shallow individuals, but as you like to smoke or drink coffee, I, as many others over there, like to look into my closet and say “I have nothing to wear”. However, that’s just the type of world we live in.

1. UGG boots (or in my opinion cavemen sheepskin feet covers)

Without even thinking to the fact that the UGG boots just came under the fire that they are made of real sheep skin, they are also just a bad and tacky fashion choice with the misconception that they offer comfort. In the first instance I thought that it’s just that girl which literally is stepping on the boot, but then I saw many others and I could not believe that all of them have a goose walk, so the boots don’t have a defined shape. There are many other reasons why UGG boots are a bad choice: they are very expensive for how they look, they are low quality, and rarely water proof, and they are not fashionable (be honest – no on looks good in them). So, short long story – they’re low quality boots, made from real skin at a marked up price.


2. Back to the days of my teenage, the sheer nude-tights were a hit. In those days, any woman was wearing those, including my mom. I remember that if a stockings accident was happening the solution was a little bit of nail polish and you were good to go. But there are about 20 years since then and some ladies stubbornly still keep wearing them. I think that the texture of that lycra is annoying and it makes you scratching your legs like you were in a fight with a pack of mosquitoes, plus the crotch is slipping down and in case you want to rock a mini skirt your goal is gone. I had a chance to know “stylish” girls which once they took the shoes off… (I think I died for few seconds) a stinky sour aroma hit me. And, no, there were not the shoes, it was that bloody plastic fabric.

nude tights

3. Rock studs shoes (aka every, I mean every fashion blogger uniform shoes). Dear girls, please stop wearing the senator’s wife shoes deluding yourself that you’re a diva on red carpet. These 2 images are in a complete contradictory. I’m sorry Valentino, I love almost everything what it comes out of your house. Unfortunately, most of the fashion bloggers don’t know Valentino beyond these shoes and don’t care that their feet look like wiener-wursts. Girls, if you care about fashion, then you should, at least, take the time to learn about various shoes designers instead of hopping onto the same rock studs bandwagon.

Pink Valentinos

4. And to stay on the same side of the shore, in the accessories department, here is coming the bauble statement necklace. Did you have a look on instagram to #statementneckalce? I understand that you saw the last collections from Lanvin or Marni, but please stop the DIY knock offs and picture yourself on toilet wearing a “statement necklace”.

5. Fake t-shirts invaded lately since the effortless fashion editor look came up. Honestly, instead of wearing a t-shirt which says Adidas or Yves Saint Laurent and has rhinestones or sequins to accentuate the point of I or has a beads comet, you better cut a Whole Foods bag and wear it. At least it’s green. Avoid those awful fakes, they look cheap and tacky and you don’t make yourself a favor.


 6. Too tight leggings are another atrocious piece that has to be forbidden. I know it’s a very comfortable and trendy piece, but why would you want to look like a Rubensian muse, when you can avoid having those leggings getting in all your creases? Did you hear of camel toe?(As I don’t want to offend anyone I am not adding a picture)

I may be able to continue and continue, but then you will say I’m negative. In my opinion, it’s called common sense. Back home we have a saying “when two people are saying you’re drunk, you’re going to sleep”.

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