Domestic complain

One of the domestic things which really is killing me it’s throwing away food. I have tried in so many ways to minimize that, but still no success. I heard things like “you waste money and of course all your work in the kitchen”, “other people starve and you throw away food”, “eat the food till it’s done” (will you eat 3 days pasta :-(? ), “cook just for 2 people” (tried that too and it happened that one of us didn’t get enough food because men are like growing kids and some days they just need more food and some days they decide they need to pay attention to the calories and skip the lunch/ dinner).

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas (when you generally overcook) or if it’s Tuesday (and you are sick of the food cooked in the weekend), we end-up with different containers in the fridge with 5 types of food (take-out from Sunday, salad for work days lunches, some chicken – because goes with pretty much everything, a soup and some steamed veggies from last night dinner).

My mom told me I need to establish something like a silver bullet, but let’s be serious who am I kidding?

After all this time I came out with my very own solution in 5 steps:

#1 Take out of the fridge all the containers, dishes with the leftovers.

#2 Throw away what is inside in a plastic garbage bag.

#3 Tie the bag and bring it to the garbage.

#4 Come back in the kitchen and wash the dishes.

#5 Feel free to experiment the guilty of wasting/ throwing away food.

Bonus: Repeat this exercise at the end of each week, till you will get that overcooking and wasting food are not the best ideas.




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