We change. Every year, every minute.

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We change our hair color, our style, the work place… We change the address, the eyebrows shape, our food choices, the car, and the vacation destinations.

We are continuously changing, transitioning. We are alive, like the seasons.

Two years ago you liked the spaghetti, today you like rotini. Your closet was full of colors and prints, now the majority of your clothes are monochrome and minimalistic colors. The blueberry ice cream is no. 2, the new one with macadamia nuts is your favorite now. You don’t like the bangs and the dark hair any longer, your new hair color is golden ash brown. Today you have a little girl and a while ago when you had a member pass to the clubs in the city you were saying that being a mom is not your goal. You said you’re not gonna go camping and now you enjoy the camp fire and the hikes in the forests.

We change, transform, metamorphose. Any event, happy or sad, let marks on us. We are like a dough in the hands of life.

You were different two years ago. You were working as an engineer in an automotive company, job which you hate today. The choices made in the past don’t have to be judged from the perspective of present. The years past, the birds flew, tears flowed, and nothing is how it used to be. You were different.

Some changes happen natural, with no effort and without sensing them. Others are willful, like the resolutions, and the worse ones are those we don’t claim, but we are forced to do them.

No one says that changes are easy. But, in order to shine, every diamond needs to be polished. The changes are a fact of evolution (pfff, I sweat wisdom through my pores).



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