Christmas… [as... as... as]

Tis the season for going gaga on shopping (even though I think that the great and awesome sales are only after the Christmas). This year I tried to be practical with my gifts and buy only what I thought my friends and family can find useful for real. So, why to buy a candle just because it smells nice, when I can buy a book (coffee table books count), a CD collection, some concert tickets or a ski pass and I know they will have a memory of them even next year or over the time.


Frends Layla Headphones – Gold & White – Chapters Indigo; Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent: Album Of A Woman Of  Fashion – Chapters Indigo; Lonely Planet The Travel Book 2nd Ed.: A Journey Through Every Country in the World, 2nd edition – Chapters Indigo; Imagine Dragons Concert Tickets – Ticketmaster; Coffee Table Poetry: Experiencing The Power Of Poetic Literature – Chapters Indigo; Canvas Picture DIY – A Beautiful Mess.

Merry Christmas!

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