Smart Shopping

How many times happened to walk on the street and say “Wow, what an awesome outfit; clearly she has money to get all those pieces!”? Probably quite some times. Me, honestly, I’m not impressed at all by women which just swipe the card and get outfits right of a lookbook. I admire those which can improvise, the ones which look spectacular, impeccable, using their imagination without crossing the “this-bag-costs-me-this-month-rent” territory.

You just recognized the Valentino shoes, they look great and the top is great too, but you don’t know it. Whaaat? Panic! Pull out your smart phone and make a search for “yellow and black printed silk top”. Tons of results but none of them showing that awesome top. Don’t bother, you’ll not find it and you know why, because it’s from a tiny boutique you don’t even know. Hey, doll, did you have a heart attack?

What I will call having style and good sense in fashion it’s to dare and be brave to mix some Zara pants with a top from a consignment store, a Philip Lim clutch and some shoes purchased from a Sample Shoe Sale.

Let’s begin…


1.    Consignment Stores

I’m not that snob saying I’m not wearing stuff others wore before. C’mon, I am the youngest child from three and believe me even though I have 2 older brothers, I had a point in my life wearing their jeans and t-shirts and I rent skates or snowboard boots before knowing if it’s worth the investment. Some called these stores “vintage” because it sounds better. I can assure you that many fashionistas and stylists use these stores services and you wonder yourself where from they got that YSL piece. Oh, well, mystery solved. From the consignment stores (second hand). If you have a little bit of luck you can find some great items in these stores, designer items, which you can get them for a pretty good price. The joy of finding a vintage Chanel jacket or a Valentino dress can be compared with a Kinder chocolate egg (of course, you need to find a good quality consignment store, not one where it smells like mice and pee).

2. Quality Fabrics

 In case you cannot afford to shop brands all the time, there are still solutions, believe me. Did you know that Forever 21 or H&M are selling silk and cashmere garments? Same with Joe Fresh. You just have to look for it. For example, one of my favourite brand of jeans is Gap and the reason I like them is because they don’t use much Spandex in their jeans. Long story short, choose wisely, and go for quality fabrics. At the end, higher quality equals longevity and ultimately cost less on long run.

 3. Fit clothes

Certain clothes are just not for you. You can pull of a cheap pair of pants or a dress and the fit is phenomenal. If the shape does not look good on you from different reasons (body shape generally), don’t push the limits. You will look like just bad. Of course, one option will be tailoring, but if the item is under $100 it will not worth the tailor. Me, for example, I never was able to pull out a on the waist jacket, because I look like an box on a stick.

4. Sales

In the last years I cared less if my jacket or my dress are from the last season. I shop the sales for the main pieces in my wardrobe and even though sometimes it’s like a Russian roulette, the satisfaction that you end-up paying only 50% for a Balmain skirt or an Equipment shirt is like you hit the jackpot. Even Zara or Topshop have good sales and you can go home with a bag full of items.

A while ago I found about a Sample Shoe Sale and since then I am getting my main purchases there. Twice per year I’m getting home with 4 – 5 pairs of shoes/ sandals/ boots. My happiness when finding Lanvin or Acne was even better than Christmas.

Another secret I found on my own, it’s that in time you develop certain relationships with your clothes. Of course that all of us, the girls, we love our clothes, but for me some of them have a special vibe. I am taking care of them, paying attention to how I do my laundry or how I deposit my boots over the summer. So, I will say that a little bit of TLC cannot go wrong.

In time I developed loyalty to some brands just because the items I purchased from them lasted in time and offered me the comfort I needed (my Anniel flats, my ¾ sleeves COS coats, my colorful Hue tights and my black suede leather heels I can run with).

So,what are your smart tips for shopping?

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