Cold Turkey


About a while ago I’ve decided to quit caffeine. So, not just coffee, but everything that has caffeine (black tea, coke, chocolate). I had few attempts before, but never quitted completely. I was still keeping a reserve of little something, like a tea or a chocolate in my pocket.

But this time, I was in pain, believe me. I loooove coffee. I mean, “love” is too insignificant to describe how much I enjoy it. I am a coffee snob (or I was). Over the time I learnt how to enjoy a cup of coffee and I can say I tried almost every type (including Kopi Luwak – yup, the one from the monkey’s shit ). Even though I moved to North America and I changed some of my habits, I refused to change my cup with the traveler mug and even though I was late for work I was still enjoying my coffee in the morning, home. Yes, I tried Starbucks, but honestly coffee for me is just coffee, no “orange-soy-latte-decaf-americano-$%..#-&*@.>”. Sometimes, I was even grinding the beans at home, like a proper lunatic. I purchased everything on earth what could be designed for brewing coffee home. I imported coffee from Europe and Latin America. The relationship I had with the coffee was longer than any relationship I ever had with a boyfriend (sorry Adi, but I started drinking coffee in high-school).

Cold Turkey

So, I decided to go cold turkey on the demon bean. Not exactly Trainspotting, but I gave up the drug. Reason – my health. There were headaches and mood swings. In the first day I was like I never even woke up (at 6pm I went to bed and woke up in the second morning). The smell, the taste and not to talk about the energy – these, for more than 2 decades, had been signals that I was awake.

Days 2 to 5 were tough too, but then, day 6, my alarm rang at 5:30 am, I opened my eyes and I felt… awake. And then the revelation – I had spent my entire adult life believing that I was an “evening person”, one who could only function through the caffeine stimulus during the day. I realized that in fact my previous inability of starting my day without caffeine was in fact a symptom of my addiction. Now my mornings are entirely bearable and my addiction to caffeine is gone.



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