Something old and something new

My Vince (Camuto) brogues

Me and my Vince brogues have a relationship since 2010 and I don’t know for what reason I never worn them from April to October, but only November to March, which here in Vancouver is considered winter. Oh, don’t think that I am using them like skis, but for those which are not familiar with the winter weather in Vancouver (British Columbia), I will say it’s like a colder fall, with rains lasting sometimes 3 weeks and no snow (OK, 2 days of snow which by noon is melted already).

Shoes - Vince

My N.Peal cashmere sweater

I debated for about few days what color I want my new cashmere sweater to be: black (goes with almost everything – I personally cannot see black with brown together, not at all) or white (being another white sweater on the shelf with the many other white sweaters) or red… But as this winter I feel more attracted to warm colors and since black and white are out of discussion I said let’s go with cream. Et Voila!

Sweater - N Peal

My Butter London nail polish – Cuppa (Beige)

I discovered this nail polish cca. 2005 and since then I switched to different colors, but this Beige (Cuppa) is by far my favorite. It doesn’t matter the season, spring, summer, winter; you will see me three weeks in a month wearing this color.

Nail Polish

My H&M hat

I was looking for “the hat” by quite some time and even I had purchased some, none of them were exactly what I was coveting. I wanted a man hat for women, to look good with my hair in a pony tail or a fish tail or my hair down. I have an H&M store near my house and time by time I check what’s new there and around beginning of September I found this wool hat there. Right in time for the fall.


My COS coat

Purchased back in 2008, worn for 1 winter and stored with things that “I may wear again”, here it is after 5 year back on the front rack in the closet.


My Mulberry Bayswater bag

I am not a bag person (I prefer shoes), but still when it comes to bags and when the time comes for a new one I go with something I develop loyalty. I like this bag so much that I wear it everywhere. I was looking for one for a long time but still I was not ready to pay a hand and a leg for it. I have searched the internet and the stores for few months hoping that one day I can get it on sale and it seems that my patience was one day rewarded. Thank you Holt Renfrew, it seems that time by time you are my lucky charm (I scored my Manolo’s in a sale as well).


Like anyone else I have phases when I suddenly change my preferences on different things in my wardrobe. Now I love these ones, in August I was in love with my white J Crew skinny pants and my Zara shorts and maybe in January I will wear the whole month skirts.

How about you? Do you have phases when you are more attached to pieces in your wardrobe?




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