Heading in the right direction

(A nice way of saying “I’m Back Bitches!”)

Sometimes at the beginning of this year I felt confused in regard to this blog and I was not so sure what the next step will be. I took a sigh and I realized that I just need a break. I didn’t feel very into it and I said that instead of providing a non-satisfactory (to me) content I rather take a “leave of absence” and come back later on. It seems I needed more time than I thought – 8 months (almost ready to cook a mini-me – oh, no, did not happen, still enjoying my childhood).

But now, I don’t know what exactly happened, but I feel incredibly optimistic, having a chance to do better, be better and simply – just be. I know there may be those who think that every come back has an over-hyped start, but why is it such a horrible thing to give yourself the opportunity to pivot and move in a fresh direction?

I for one find in every start a dose of potential and perspective. So let’s open the book and begin writing.



Notebook & Pen – Poppin (purchased at Chapters – Indigo)



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