Let’s Talk “Hair”


I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to hair, I can talk hours and hours. I went through many stages with my hair, from blonde to brunette, red, orange, navy dark, from various short shapes to bobs or really long, or even to bald.

Despite the crazy processes I put my hair through I’ve always been careful with what products I was using. The idea is that if you kill your hair with different chemicals, try a deep conditioning treatment or some shining infusion to make it looks natural. Can you imagine a red wavy treasure looking like a broom? Or some blonde locks burned by the bleach and the iron straightener… Oh, there are so many girls out there which I think they do not pay enough attention to their drapes.

I remember that about 10 years ago, if you wanted  magenta hair (I had that too) you supposed to bleach your hair first and then dying it in magenta, but have about 4 – 5 days in between the two processes, or otherwise you could go bald. The last step in the process was to use 1 full bottle of conditioner in a week. Now, there are so many options to have green hair for breakfast and pink hair for dinner and maybe some purple highlights in between, with almost no chemicals involved and still some girls’ hair look like unteaseled wool.

Then come the roots. Oh, man, I’m wondering why you like to have 3 colors in your hair? And I’m not talking about the ombré  or balayage style. Imagine, some dark roots with grey hair, then an area of a 1 month old color and some fade color ends.

I hate grey hair and I have to recognize I have quite some. In fact I had grey hair since high school, but also since high school I dyed my hair and even I went back to my natural hair few times, I still dyed my hair. I know many women prefer to go “au naturel“, but why you want to look like grandma’ from the Little Red Robin Hood? (Don’t thing to the wolf version) You can get your color from any drug store with $15 and have a great shade.

Oh, and that’s not all. Did you hear about the sock bun? What’s all that craze? Is it so hard to use a hair elastic and two pins if you want a bun? Why you need to cut your sock to style your hair? Probably soon, we’ll use the tights as head band and paperclips as pins.

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