Shoe Affair

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I don’t think it’s necessary to mention that as other millions of girls I have a weakness for shoes. One girl in two will say “I have a passion for shoes”, hence I don’t want to bore you with old phrases.

A while ago, I wrote a post about how I decided to go on diet for a whole year… “shoes diet”. There are already 8 months since I’m fasting and I did pretty well. Hallelujah!  Taking exception from the fact I’ve got 2 pair of booties last week. And I have the perfect excuse, plus my man let me go Gaga for one evening. He has very strict indications to not let me go in a shoe store for the whole year. It was a shoe sale and I’ve got my first pair of “red booties” for an incredible price.

But back to the quintessential part of the title, my real affair with Manolo was during my first year in Canada.

I was a newly resident, unemployed and with a lot of time and some savings in my pocket to have a pretty comfortable and decent life for a while.

I am not and I’ve never been an avid clothes shopper, but shoes… God is my witness that I can buy 4 pairs on month. One day, I visited Holt Renfrew (big mistake!) and I saw Manolo. It was love at first sight. And it was a sale! 60% off!!! Anyway, even with 60% discount, the price was still 3/4 of my rent. After few calculations, that I can eat bread and butter for a month… I’ve decided to leave. But I came back next day, and the next day, with the thought that maybe the price will go even more down. Nehe, it didn’t happen.

I was very faithful to my new crush. The sale associate already knew my name and I knew hers. It was very tempting to take Manolo home with me, but I stopped visiting. That was only for a couple of days, until I heard a commercial on the radio about Easter. Heck, Easter is coming! I need something new for Easter… ding, ding, ding, jack pot, a reason to bring Manolo in my life. “I can eat eggs for a month, it’s Easter, anyway”. You should see me how proud I was walking out of Holt Renfrew with my Manolo Blahnik in my bag.

I will not advise anyone doing that, as it is pretty unconscious.

Next time when I will feel writing about shoes, I will tell you how I pay rent, just for my shoes. It’s an interesting one!


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