West vs East


When I am thinking to the cardinal directions, the ones coming into mind are West & East. The reason is probably the fact I am an Easterner by birth and a Westerner by living.

I tell you a secret, all my childhood I dreamt to the West side. It was like a fantasy to me. It was the place where my Barbie doll and my Paris Match magazines were coming from. Later on, in my young adult era, I loved so much my fancy Easterner life that all those dreams of moving to the West vanished. It was still a difference, but it was a feeling of newness.

And then, bam, something clicked and I found myself moving to the West, more exactly nine thousand and something kilometers. I put an ocean between my East life and my new West beginning.

But do you think the story of the West and East end up with the move? They followed me and over the time, my zip code was either way on the West or the East side.

After a while and many congrats on my move to the West, I finally change the compass direction to the South. Yuuppiii, fingers raised for victory (V).


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