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Domestic complain

One of the domestic things which really is killing me it’s throwing away food. I have tried in so many ways to minimize that, but still no success. I heard things like “you waste money and of course all your work in the kitchen”, “other people starve and you throw away food”, “eat the food […]

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We change. Every year, every minute.

We change our hair color, our style, the work place… We change the address, the eyebrows shape, our food choices, the car, and the vacation destinations. We are continuously changing, transitioning. We are alive, like the seasons. Two years ago you liked the spaghetti, today you like rotini. Your closet was full of colors and […]


“Black” is the new black

Little Black Dress, Little Black Jacket, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, classy, elegance, mystery… Men in Black, black sheep, black tea, Black Friday… (I can go until next Christmas). You go at the birthday parties, dinner parties, in a bar, a club, at the office, in vacations, to the mall, everyone wears black. Dresses, shirts, pants, […]