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Christmas… [as... as... as]

Tis the season for going gaga on shopping (even though I think that the great and awesome sales are only after the Christmas). This year I tried to be practical with my gifts and buy only what I thought my friends and family can find useful for real. So, why to buy a candle just […]

Drawing post


Homesickness hurts. It’s like having no air for some good seconds. Homesickness hurts slowly and intense. It makes you feel nostalgic. And it’s so suddenly triggered, so deviously and cruel. You sense a fragrance, you hear a song or a name, you see a picture or a book… And this gives you an overwhelming moment. […]

The Best F…ing Place on Earth

The Vancouver comedy duo IFHT (shorcut for I F…ing Hate That) created some great videos. Here is one related to my beloved city. Have a look to their videos on You Tube. Cheers! R  

Smart Shopping

How many times happened to walk on the street and say “Wow, what an awesome outfit; clearly she has money to get all those pieces!”? Probably quite some times. Me, honestly, I’m not impressed at all by women which just swipe the card and get outfits right of a lookbook. I admire those which can […]