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Cold Turkey

About a while ago I’ve decided to quit caffeine. So, not just coffee, but everything that has caffeine (black tea, coke, chocolate). I had few attempts before, but never quitted completely. I was still keeping a reserve of little something, like a tea or a chocolate in my pocket. But this time, I was in […]


Heart of a Fashionista

I am surrounded by women at work every day and I see a lot (thanks God that my retina is no longer ostracized by the hooker shoes and cheap leggings of a previous colleague). I like to believe that I know a little bit more than usual about fashion. I know that Jeanne Paquin was […]

Memo # 8

The miniature replica of a Singaporian Reastaurant in Vancouver – Red Ginger. The details are insane! Look at the rice, or the mussels.  

Something old and something new

My Vince (Camuto) brogues Me and my Vince brogues have a relationship since 2010 and I don’t know for what reason I never worn them from April to October, but only November to March, which here in Vancouver is considered winter. Oh, don’t think that I am using them like skis, but for those which […]

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Wear Yourself

I don’t proclaim that I know 100% how to be me and feel comfortable in my own skin. I have my own insecurities time by time (especially those 3 days in the months when my hormones are up to the sky and I have the impression that my ass is too big, my arms are […]

Heading in the right direction

(A nice way of saying “I’m Back Bitches!”) Sometimes at the beginning of this year I felt confused in regard to this blog and I was not so sure what the next step will be. I took a sigh and I realized that I just need a break. I didn’t feel very into it and […]