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Memo # 2

Our cities together…  

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Shoe Affair

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention that as other millions of girls I have a weakness for shoes. One girl in two will say “I have a passion for shoes”, hence I don’t want to bore you with old phrases. A while ago, I wrote a post about how I decided to go on […]



  I was always going on the premise that there are some taboo things a woman never forget about, in order to be considered, let’s say, a “Lady”. Whatever that means… Well, there are some “must have”, we, women, have to consider even when we’re sick or economic times are challenging. … …   Where […]

Memo # 1

Finally, I’ve got my red booties (John Fluevog).  

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It’s Not Myopia, It’s Personal Style

  I am thinking writing this post for quite a while. Glasses were part of my life for “I don’t even remember how many years”. I was very self-conscious about wearing them and believe me, I heard lots over the years about my glasses. At some point in my life I thought they are more […]


Happy Thankspainting!

When fall is coming, my love for canvases is in the air. This one is called “Endless Love” (and now belongs to my friend Adina), so I said that since it’s that part of the year when we thank for the goods, why not to show my endless Thank You to my man?     […]

Gastown – “Texting Break”



“Look at me” – I’m a Fashion Blogger!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I came to a conclusion that it is very difficult to find a balance between showing your appearance as a confident person and as a completely full of yourself. It doesn’t matter what’s your blog content about, we want to share a piece of ourselves with our […]

Granville Street – “Lemon Drop”