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Smart Shopping

How many times happened to walk on the street and say “Wow, what an awesome outfit; clearly she has money to get all those pieces!”? Probably quite some times. Me, honestly, I’m not impressed at all by women which just swipe the card and get outfits right of a lookbook. I admire those which can […]

Gift # 3

I am sure you heard about words like “friends forever” or BFF. Or about that friends bind their connection through friendship bracelets. Did you ever think of offering a friendship bracelet to one of your friends to tie your friendship? During high school I used to make those braided bracelets and exchange them with my […]

Gift # 2

I told you that the next period of time, until Christmas, I’m going to post gift ideas you can purchase online without the headache of going in the stores craziness. About few weeks ago when I’ve started my gifts hunting, I talked with a friend of mine about unique Christmas gifts. Something handmade, something different, […]

Gift # 1

The following weeks I will post some gift ideas you can buy online, so you can avoid the madness from the stores. The bigga’ mistake ever is to go in a mall, during the weekend, before Christmas. Big, big, big mistake! Here is the first gift I think it’s great for one of my girlfriends […]

Top On Top

Few weeks ago I visited the local Topshop store (which seems to be the biggest international location) and after checking on some stuff, I was a bit disappointed that I am leaving with my hands empty and I cannot find something I do not have already. Oh, I’ve stopped shopping the same thing and ending […]