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We change. Every year, every minute.

We change our hair color, our style, the work place… We change the address, the eyebrows shape, our food choices, the car, and the vacation destinations. We are continuously changing, transitioning. We are alive, like the seasons. Two years ago you liked the spaghetti, today you like rotini. Your closet was full of colors and […]


“Black” is the new black

Little Black Dress, Little Black Jacket, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, classy, elegance, mystery… Men in Black, black sheep, black tea, Black Friday… (I can go until next Christmas). You go at the birthday parties, dinner parties, in a bar, a club, at the office, in vacations, to the mall, everyone wears black. Dresses, shirts, pants, […]

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Homesickness hurts. It’s like having no air for some good seconds. Homesickness hurts slowly and intense. It makes you feel nostalgic. And it’s so suddenly triggered, so deviously and cruel. You sense a fragrance, you hear a song or a name, you see a picture or a book… And this gives you an overwhelming moment. […]


Cold Turkey

About a while ago I’ve decided to quit caffeine. So, not just coffee, but everything that has caffeine (black tea, coke, chocolate). I had few attempts before, but never quitted completely. I was still keeping a reserve of little something, like a tea or a chocolate in my pocket. But this time, I was in […]


Heart of a Fashionista

I am surrounded by women at work every day and I see a lot (thanks God that my retina is no longer ostracized by the hooker shoes and cheap leggings of a previous colleague). I like to believe that I know a little bit more than usual about fashion. I know that Jeanne Paquin was […]

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Wear Yourself

I don’t proclaim that I know 100% how to be me and feel comfortable in my own skin. I have my own insecurities time by time (especially those 3 days in the months when my hormones are up to the sky and I have the impression that my ass is too big, my arms are […]

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There is only one success…

To be able to spend your life in your own way (Christopher Morley). I have thought over the last weeks what I want to do with this blog. I have spent quite some time thinking if I want to continue or stop. I started this blog with the idea of exploring, sharing, learning and first […]



Since I moved to Canada or better say on the West Coast of Canada, in Vancouver, I purchased about 12 umbrellas. I’m not kidding! Think about a continuing rain from October to May and some years to June. I don’t hate the rain any longer. I guess you get used with it. In fact, I […]


Let’s Talk “Hair”

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to hair, I can talk hours and hours. I went through many stages with my hair, from blonde to brunette, red, orange, navy dark, from various short shapes to bobs or really long, or even to bald. Despite the crazy processes I put my hair through […]

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Love You, Love You, Love You

Easy question – How many times are you saying “I love you” in a day? I have to tell you that some of my colleagues are saying it about 3 -4 times per day, every time they talk with their partners. It sounds like a “hello” or “good bye”… Why you have to say it […]

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Shoe Affair

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention that as other millions of girls I have a weakness for shoes. One girl in two will say “I have a passion for shoes”, hence I don’t want to bore you with old phrases. A while ago, I wrote a post about how I decided to go on […]



  I was always going on the premise that there are some taboo things a woman never forget about, in order to be considered, let’s say, a “Lady”. Whatever that means… Well, there are some “must have”, we, women, have to consider even when we’re sick or economic times are challenging. … …   Where […]